4000 to lose homes because of Sochi Olympiad

In the opinion of Mark Franketti, an observer of British The Times newspaper, the fact that at construction of the objects for the Sochi-2014 Winter Olympic Games several hundreds families will lose their homes is casting a shadow on the preparation…Read More

Research on Ubykh Culture

Hi, this might not be relevant to all so my apologies, but I received the following e-mail from a resercher who is working on a book on Ubykh Culture & Language. He would like to interview Ubykh descendants regarding family stories of the exodus from the…Read More


Please ignore my previous e-mail regarding writing to olympic committee members. It looks like although they are advertised as e-mail contact ,the adresses are no longer valid.My apologies

Sochi Olympics Already Casting Shadows on the North Caucasus

Vienna, December 19 -- Even though the Sochi Olympics are still nearly seven years in the future, these international games which many in Russia have celebrated as an indication of the world’s increasing deference to President Vladimir Putin and themselves,…Read More

Circassians Voice Olympian Anger

Circassians Voice Olympian Anger North Caucasian activists say the Sochi Olympics will write them out of history. By Azamat Bram in Maikop (CRS No. 413, 05-Oct-07) Circassian associations in the North Caucasus have spoken out against staging the Winter…Read More
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