Marge spoke on the radio with the South African Representative of the United Nations on Human Trafficking last Friday, I was amazed to be chosen with the UN... they have just brought out a recent report on Human Trafficking which is worth reading on their…Read More

Another website about children in sexual exploitation Check out this website and share this information with others. We need to inspire global awareness of this shocking crime

Thanks so much for joining my cause

If you havent yet checked out our website, please do at: If you would like to support this cause financially here are our bank details: Standard Bank, Thibault Square Code: 020.909 Account number: 070632707 Account name: Inter…Read More

Sex Trafficking

Every day thousands are recruited or abducted then sold and forced into sex trafficking. Sometimes it is children. INTERPOL has uncovered a network of crime syndicates behind this cruel trade. People are not for sale! Stand against one of the worst crimes in…Read More
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