Football Match for Gaza

Charity Football Match for Gaza in association w/ Interpal WE NEED SPONSORS / VOLUNTEERS / SUGGESTIONS / DONATIONS Join the group: Invite all your boys to join the group and when the day gets closer we will…Read More

Petition Link....

Here's the Petition Link.... Thank You Send it to all your email contacts....

Sign the Petition people.... Whats going on....

Asalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, There's something fishy going on.. Theres more people in this group then there are on the petition.... PLEASE Sign the Petition, we need moooore signatures to send it off to Puma in protest... Spread the…Read More

Spread the Word!

Email them at [email protected] More information here:; SPREAD the word and INVITE ppl Inshallah! SIGN THE PETITION and email your mates about…Read More

Spread the Word about these Puma Shoes

PLEASE email and write to them at [email protected] You can find more information here:; SPREAD the word and INVITE ppl Inshallah, because this is an absolute disgrace. SIGN THE PETITION! Thanks,…Read More


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