fresh spuds

This years crop of mighty spuds is in and we're all very happy with the results.I say happy,but most went to make poteen and we're all steamboats here! yee ha! free poteen for everyone. cheers!

are yeh rightly?

anyway to cut to the chase I've got a massive sack of spuds!!! any brave sole out there got a sack big enough to help me get tore in ta them? answers on post cards to Spuds are Great right now cheerio

recruitment drive

just finished a big bowl of champ twas lovely,reminded me about our noble cause. so please send out more invites to get us up to 500. thanks very much SPUDS ARE GREAT

vegetable wars

hello everyone thanks for joining spuds are great and recruiting your friends.we need more recruits though as the dastardly CARROT is making a move on the top spot. we must put a stop to this evil now before its to late, so please send out more invites to…Read More

national spud day

just a reminder to all you spud lovers that tomorrow is national spud day, we still dont have an anthem to sing so lets just kill and eat a few lovely spuds death to false vegetables(spuds are great motto)
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