Salam/Hello people

Please take a look at the following video and please pass onto others, make it famous so the media can take it serious Thanks Khudai Pa aman

All members here should report this Punjabi who wrote this Article

Basically people there is a Article written against Pashtuns and has shown the true colours of Punjabis hatred towards Pashtuns, We must report this article to the owner of the website and force the author of the article to applogize to all and every…Read More

Donate to our Pashtun Brothers and Sisters in Swat

Pakistan Army is brutally murdering innocent pashtuns and making them homeless. The numbers of homeless are exceeding over 1 million. I suggest all Members here to donate any amount they want to help our brothers and sisters in need. These People have become…Read More

Rate this video and show all your family this video

Watch the video fully,and see for yourself the true evidence of pakistan army killing innocent Pashtuns in South Waziristan

Very Important and requires Action

If you are Proud to be Pashtun please report this Anti Pashtun group that insults Pashtuns and our History. The group is on the following link: go right to the bottom of the page and report this group for…Read More

Protest in London Against the Murder of Innocent Pashtuns

Hello honourable members of this cause I do applogize if i have disturbed you in anyway However Please visit this Link and book yourself a place in the protest against Pakistan army and the taliban in which many innocent pashtuns are being killed and…Read More
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