Stand with the monks and the people of Burma, as the monks march for the freedom of their country

(ripped from news site)

As the march headed toward the Defense Ministry's offices along a straight stretch of road, the back of the crowd could not be seen from the front. Monks and activists estimated the turnout was about 100,000 though an exact count was difficult.

The march — launched from the Shwedagon pagoda, the country's most sacred shrine — gathered participants as it winded its way through Yangon's streets. Some 20,000 monks took the lead, with onlookers joining in on what had been billed as a day of general protest.

The march covered at least 5 miles in its first few hours, passing by the old campus of Rangoon University, a hotbed of protest in past times. Students were seen joining Monday's march.

Protests began on Aug. 19 as a movement against economic hardship, after the government sharply raised fuel prices. But arrests and intimidation kept demonstrations small and scattered until the monks entered the fray.

On Sunday, about 20,000 people including thousands of monks filled the streets in Yangon, stepping up their confrontation with authorities by chanting support for detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

The increasingly confrontational tone of the anti-government protesters has raised both expectations of possible political change and fear that the military might forcefully stamp out the demonstrations, as it did in 1988.

Please, support these people by simply adding this cause and spreading the word! The gov may stamp them out, or the people may finally break free! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! IT COULD MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Other things you can do:

1. Spread awareness offline with rallies, pamphlets, and videos smuggled out of the country- which can be found online.

2. Make a youtube video of dissent, like Jim Carrey and Hillary Clinton did

3. Plan a rally against the Burmese government. If these protests in Burma fail, we will make our own!

Planned for Jan 1 2009 in DC, and other major state capitals- more details as time develops

1. Freedom is a fundamental right to humanity- the people of Burma deserve it

2. Burma's government is LAST in world ranking when it comes to freedom of expression

3. The REAL, elected leader- Aung San Suu Kyi, is under house arrest and a military junta has STOLEN the country's elections since 1988! This is wrong!