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URGENT ACTION: Vote for Friends of SYGW in Chase Community Giving

Seattle Youth Garden Work will be leaving it's fiscal sponsor on December 31st and will no longer have access to a Line of Credit to get us through the winter months. Without a line of credit we may have to suspend the program until the new funding cycle begins.

But you can help by voting for Friends of Seattle Youth Garden Works in the Chase Community Giving Program on Facebook. The top 100 charities with the most votes could win $25K. If me make it to the second round we could receive more money! This would allow us to set up our own line of credit.

Simply search for Chase Community Giving or go to the link below.

If you have to enter the charity name, please type in:

Friends of Seattle Youth Garden Works

Vote for us and then scroll to the bottom of the page and ask your friends to vote too!

Thank you for your support!

SYGW Advisory Board Member

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