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APRIL 2009—Garden Glove Give

Hi Friends,

Here’s a fun way to support Seattle Youth Garden Works during Earth Month: Join ( in a “Garden Glove Give” and donate just one new pair of garden gloves to SYGW before April 30th. Our goal is to receive 290 pairs of gloves by the end of the month. is keeping a tally of gloves received--we've received 36 pairs of gloves!

How you can participate:

1. Purchase a new pair of adult sized garden gloves, online or at your favorite garden store, and mail them to:

Seattle Youth Garden Works
5700 Sixth Ave S, Ste 207
Seattle, WA 98108
Attn: 29Gifts Garden Glove Give

2. Consider a $29.00 donation to Seattle Youth Garden Works. Donations can be made to our non-profit online through our Facebook Causes Page.

3. Sponsor or make an in kind donation of one of the other items on our Wish List ( Items include canning supplies, a garden tiller, outdoor rain gear, rubber boots, and snack foods.

Thanks for supporting our youth!
Juliet Hebert Anderson
Seattle Youth Garden Works Advisory Board Member

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