PepsiCo practices reflect change; AFA suspends boycott

February 12, 2010 When AFA called for a boycott of PepsiCo because of its support of homosexual activist groups, I knew we were taking on a huge task. After all, PepsiCo is a huge company. But I knew we had a lot of friends who would stand with us. Now, I'm…Read More

Pepsico Products List

Several people asked for a list of Pepsico products. They are listed below. PepsiCo Companies and Products list PepsiCo companies * Pepsi-Cola * Gatorade * Quaker * Frito Lay * Tropicana Pepsi-Cola Brands * Pepsi * Caffeine Free Pepsi * Diet Pepsi *…Read More

I have released a new book! By Rev. Donald E. Wildmon Foreword by Ann Coulter Don Wildmon, founder and president of the American Family Association, takes on the Christian bashers in this book that is far more…Read More

Thank you!!

Our cause has now reached over 2,500 people!! This is wonderful! Thank you all for your support and for inviting friends. Let's not stop now though, continue to spread the word by inviting your friends and stay updated on the boycott. Here is story that was…Read More

Boycott Pepsi cause reaches over 1,000 members!

Thanks to everyone's hard work, we now have 1,095 and counting! Now, we need to keep it going! Invite all your friends to the cause! Thanks, Don Wildmon American Family Association

Thank You

Thank You for joining our cause to boycott Pepsico. Please take the time to share this with all your facebook friends. Thank You Don Wildmon American Family Association

Please tell all your friends to join my cause.

Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire e-mail list of family and friends. PepsiCo gives $1,000,000 to help promote the gay agenda Company forces employees to attend sexual orientation…Read More


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