Please watch the video of this murder of 22 y/o man and father Jan. 1st by BART police in Oakland, CA - JOIN to express your outrage and to GET ORGANIZED to win justice

Video of the shooting (Warning - it is disturbing... more links below):

The purpose of this CAUSE is to EXPRESS YOUR OUTRAGE and GET ORGANIZED so we can win justice for Oscar Grant and make sure that such instances of racism and police brutality never happen again. Join us to get updates about actions.


Mass organizing of the communities of Oakland and other cities throughout California will be critical to win justice for Oscar Grant, the young man who was shot by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle on New Year’s Day on video that has been seen across the nation.


We must do everything we can to win justice in this case. This fight can have two possible outcomes. First: we can make an example of the police who killed Oscar Grant and reduce the chances of this happening again. This is a precious opportunity to draw a line in the sand and show the police that if they kill they will be jailed. The other possibility is that the police demonstrate they can get away with murder even when the evidence is strong against them. A statewide police officers’ fund is financing Mehserle’s high-priced attorney, and District Attorney Orloff is trying to let Mehserle walk free because they want to maintain the police’s prerogative to harass, brutalize, and kill black and Latina/o youth with impunity.


Both the District Attorney--who normally works on behalf of the police--and BART are engaging in a coordinated cover-up. It is now clear that it is the aim of District Attorney Tom Orloff’s office to let Johannes Mehserle, who shot Oscar Grant, and Tony Pirone, the Mehserle's accomplice who held down Oscar Grant and coordinated the cover-up, get away with murder. Orloff charged Mehserle with murder two weeks after he shot Grant, only after massive community protest. He did not oppose granting Mehserle bail. He still has not charged Tony Pirone the other BART police who were accomplices to Oscar Grant's murder and cover up, yet he is prosecuting protesters who have stood up against this injustice.

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums has not spoken out against the handling of the investigation and the prosecution of this case. He must end his silence and condemn the cover-up. Mayor Dellums should make clear he seeks justice for Oscar Grant and is prepared to defend black and Latina/o youth of Oakland against police terror, brutality, and murder.

It is clear that Oscar Grant is not going to get justice through the police, the Alameda prosecutor's office, or any of the official bodies. What is needed now is an independent investigation and an independent public tribunal of and for the people of Oakland and the Bay Area to gather as much information as possible so that the truth of Oscar Grant's killing is not buried. BAMN calls on unions, churches, and community organizations to join us in pulling together this independent investigation and series of public hearings. Any witnesses who saw the killing or who has evidence, should get that evidence to BAMN, either directly or anonymously. If we can document the truth of what happened on New Year’s night and share it with the public, we can make sure that District Attorney Orloff conducts a serious prosecution of Mehserle and all the BART police who assisted in Grant’s killing.

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