To bring about a cultural acceptance and celebration of breastfeeding, and to help reveal and remove the "booby traps"--broad cultural and institutional barriers to breastfeeding successfully.

The Best for Babes® Foundation is a non-profit, 501c3 that is giving breastfeeding a makeover and revealing and removing the "booby traps"--cultural and institutional barriers to breastfeeding.

While the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for six months are well established, very few women in the U.S. are making it past the first few weeks, and it is not their fault.

We are harnessing the power of celebrities (like awesome Gabrielle Reece and Marilu Henner), corporations, foundations, advertising, the medical community and the media to bring about a cultural shift where breastfeeding is embraced and celebrated--much like pregnancy or working out--not just tolerated; where the breastfeeding cause is funded and supported on par with the diseases that it protects against.

We are using positive tools of social marketing to apply pressure to the cultural and institutional barriers--the booby traps--that keep undermining mothers' best intentions to breastfeed. These barriers include disapproval from friends, family & society, hospitals and doctors that give away formula samples & don't follow protocol proven to result in breastfeeding success, rampant myths and misinformation, workplace discrimination, lack of health care coverage for lactation support, discrimination in restaurants, stores, and on websites.

Protesting raises awareness but it is not enough! A complimentary approach is needed that markets breastfeeding to be as mainstream as motherhood itself--and inspires, prepares and empowers moms to breastfeed successfully.

Best for Babes has been featured as the modern voice of breastfeeding in Fit Pregnancy and Celebrity-Babies.com with an exclusive interview with superstar athlete Gabrielle Reece. We have won the approval of leaders in the medical community including Dr. Ruth Lawrence, Dr. Jay Gordon, and Dr. Jack Newman.

The cost of low breastfeeding rates is cumulative and too great: babies who are sick and suffering more than their exclusively breastfed peers; avoidable hospitalizations and medical costs (that low-income and minority populations, whose breastfeeding rates are lowest, can least afford); mothers who are at greater risk for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease; employers who suffer increased sick days, lower morale and turnover; a planet that can not bear increased deforestation, bovine gas/methane, transportation, production and packaging pollution.

Please help us raise funds to mount a mainstream, multi-media campaign that inspires and captivates the American public, and shifts the focus of the media and policy-makers on to the barriers . . . and stops fueling the "mommy wars."

We are working with leaders in the breastfeeding community including the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, Baby-Friendly Hospital, and other members of the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee.

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Thank you for all you are doing to help us become the "Susan G. Komen of Breastfeeding"!

Bettina Forbes, CLC & Danielle Rigg, JD, CLC
The Best for Babes Foundation