Stop Animal Cruelty

On the afternoon of Sept. 19, 2007, our gentle Winston was taken from us. At around 2pm, Winston had gotten loose, as animals sometimes do. Jamey and I, of course, had called around the community in hopes that someone had seen him and to let our neighbours know to give us a call if Winston was seen.
Two of our dear friends had stopped by Mary's Mini-Mart to buy some vegetables and noticed our beloved Winston roaming in Leroy D'Entremont's front yard. The good friend's that they are, they were attempting to get Winston to get in their truck to bring him home. Winston went around the back of Leroy's home and the last thing heard was a BANG!
Leroy D'Entremont, of Pubnico, Nova Scotia, shot our dear, beloved family pet in the back of the head with a 22 calibre rifle.... 3 times!
He then took our poor dog's body and dumped it in the woods behind the Pubnico Golf Course.
This cold-hearted and viscious man did not even have the decency to tell us what he had done. We had called him that Wednesday afternoon to ask if he had seen Winston and his reply was, "Yep, he was here for about 20 minutes and then he took off up north." And he had, he had taken off up north to the golf course to sleep forever!
We did not learn of our Winston's fate until late Saturday night when our dear friends that had heard Winston get shot had finally gotten tired of waiting for Leroy to 'man up' and tell us himself, as he had said he would do.
We phoned the police and Leroy admitted to the crime that he had committed. He took the cop to where Winston's broken body lie, Jamey and Darren brought him home and now our Winston sleeps 5 feet under the ground.
According to the law as it now stands, NOTHING can be done for Winston. The most that Leroy D'Entremont can be charged with is Mischeif: "Damage to Property". This is not right!
And that is where Winston's Law comes into play.
We need to have 3,500 signatures on a petition to start the ball rolling to have this law put in place. No more should there be no charge for shooting a kind and gentle family pet!
Please help us to stop this cruelty to animals.
Let me know if you would like to sign this petition. Make a difference in the lives of animals in Canada!
Please sign our petition. Add your name there to make a difference!
Thanks for your support!!


Little update: At some point next week. Myrna Adams-Mood, Jamey's mother, will be the prosecutor against Mr. Leroy D'Entremont at the court house in the town of Yarmouth, NS.

1. Shooting a family pet should be punishable by law.

2. Animal cruelty, no more.