To our brothers and sisters of Palestine..

To my brothers and sisters Of Palestine The suffering is yours But the sorrow is mine For many of you have died Killed by the war With children by your side And blood on your door Your cries can be heard Echoing in our hearts And in the desolate…Read More

The head of the UN has called on Israel and Hamas to end the fighting in Gaza.

Speaking ahead of a planned trip to the Middle East, Ban Ki-Moon said "too many people have died" and there has been too much civilian suffering. It comes amid reports Israeli troops are fighting battles with Hamas gunmen as they move into the suburbs of…Read More

Israel has dropped leaflets on Gaza warning it is set to escalate its military offensive - despite claims its troops might halt fire to let in aid.

The Jewish state's army insisted the notices were meant as a "general warning". The leaflets said Israel was about to begin a "new phase in the war on terror". The army had earlier declared it would cease fire on Gaza for three hours to allow humanitarian…Read More

Demonstrations Outside the Israeli Embassy in west London

There are over 3000 currently protesting outside the Israeli embassy in London. Have there been protests/marches/demonstrations in your area? Let us know.
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