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The Sad but Simple Truth


It is with a heavy heart that I write this bulletin today. The sad but simple truth of the matter is that we are discussing halting operations until the economy turns around. We have so many members who send in items that we can't keep up with the shipping costs. The front half of my garage is covered in items for our troops and our PayPal shipping account has enough funds to send one single box domestically.

The amount of items we get in grossly exceeds the amount of monetary donations. For every 30 boxes that come from members, we might receive $20 to cover shipping. That would be awesome if we could get all the items from those boxes into one box to ship but that just isn't the case. Out of those said 30 boxes, once sorted and set to go back out, we've got at least 10 different boxes to ship. The average donation balance we are able to hold barely covers 1 of those boxes.

In the past, my family would cover the deficit for shipping but now that our average monthly shipping costs are reaching towards $500 we simply can't keep up. Our family extras have been depleted and now our savings account is empty but our inventory continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Something has to change.

It is a serious possibility that I will be placing on hiatus in the next few weeks unless things drastically improve. I hope that it will not come to that sad conclusion but I wanted to let everyone know the cold hard facts. While we have very active members who knit and crochet up a beautiful storm, we don't have deep enough pockets in order to get our items to the troops. Donations, sans a few diligent members, have been nonexistent over the past year and things are only getting worse. Unless we have a turn around, the reality will have be placing operations on hold.

I hate to be the bearer of such news, but I believe in honesty and transparency in operations. Better to be prepared then be blindsided. I will continue my campaign for donations locally but we are not the only charity suffering. I just pray that we can all work towards getting the funds in to keep us afloat.

Warmest wishes to you and yours,


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