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Critical Need - Shipping Funds

My garage is loaded with item donations and more are coming in daily - our shipping account is depleted and from our last push, we only received $50 total. If we are not able to get a better influx of shipping donations, then we will have to put a halt to item donations. It is the sad but horrible truth.

This next month, instead of spending the $10 to get your items here, perhaps all members could simply donate the funds so we can get these items already here (close to 1,000 items waiting) out to our heroes. More inventory doesn't do us any good if we aren't able to get the inventory we have out the door.

Donations can be made via PayPal on our official website at under the donations tab. If you are more comfortable sending in a check or money order, please be sure to note the following instructions: All checks and money orders should be made out to "Amy Sessions" and not directly to the organization, as we have yet to maintain the necessary shipping fund balance to open a business account. You may place in the note section that it is for We recommend that you please do not send cash, as there is no way of verifying delivery and receipt of funds.

So please, everyone donate this month - don't send items but instead help fund getting our current items out. I appreciate everyone and all of their efforts - we simply need to redirect them for a short period so we can get back in line.

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