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It's Been Fun While It Lasted

I have done all I can in order to keep alive and running. I am sorry to say that we will be going on hiatus until further notice due to lack of shipping funds to get out our backlog of items.

Please do not send any more items until further notice. We are hoping that this situation will be rectified by no later than the end of the year - fingers crossed. Since we are having to foot the shipping bill ourselves, it will be slow going but I am sure one day we will have it all out and will be able to restart operations.

Thank you to those of you who were able to make a donation. We truly appreciate all of your efforts. Good luck and God bless each and every one of you. We, as a group, have done all we can. Now it is time to halt operations. We knew that this day might come and it is actually here. I think almost 2 years is a great run - more than I could have ever hoped for really. So thank you all for helping me realize a dream. I appreciate it so very much.

Warmest wishes to you and yours,


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