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Shipping Funds ASAP

Hi everyone. You know that I don't like the fund-raising part of charity work - it makes me uncomfortable - but I have no other option.

We have no money left for shipping and currently there are 15 boxes in our garage. Over the past year, my family has used up all of our personal savings to make up the difference in shipping cost. Now, both the charity account and our personal savings account are sitting with balances lower than five dollars.

The bottom line is that we needs funds and we need them now. Please donate as much as you can - ask your friends, family and community to donate as well. I know what this group is capable of as you have pulled together and come through in the past.

Please donate either through the PayPal link on our official page or by mailing a check or money order - cash has no way of being documented and confirmed. Please be sure to that all checks and money orders are made out to "Amy Sessions" and not directly to the organization, as we have yet to maintain the necessary shipping fund balance to open a business account. You may place in the note section that it is for

Lets do our best to raise at least the $300 to get out what we already have in house. I pray that one day soon we won't have to keep requesting funds but our donations in items FAR outweighs the donations in funds. I have faith that we will get there, we just aren't there yet.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication,


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