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Updated Bulletin ~ Shipping donations, new patterns and world wide recognition!

I am resending the latest update because it seems that the system had a hiccup the first time! I have added a few new links to some great patterns - lapghans and amputee covers - both here and on my personal Facebook page. Currently, we are in desperate need of monetary donations to get our boxes out to the soldiers. At last count this past weekend, we are up to 7 boxes waiting to be shipped with an average of 2 new boxes arriving each day. If you could, please donate to our shipping account so we will be able to send out what we have waiting.

Below is the previous update that was apparently lost by the system update per The Cause Team:

Hi there everyone! Spring has sprung and things are in full swing for our change of direction to focus on our wounded heroes over at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Every day we are receiving several boxes full of beautifully crafted lapghans, amputee covers and slippers. I am going to have to leave Mailman Jimmy something extra special this Christmas for all of his hard work!!

Currently, we have several boxes waiting to be washed, sorted and repackaged for distribution but we also have quite a collection growing in our garage again. We are up to 5 boxes and only $6 in our shipping account. Our increase in members has led to an increase in items, which is fabulous and fills me with so much pride - it also means an increase in the amount being shipped so monetary donation needs are at an all time high as well. Please be sure to donate as much as you can, when you can, so that our heroes will know that we are still here and still working to show them our love and support.

Lastly, we were featured in KnitchMagazine this quarter! It is a wonderful article about how fiber artists, such as ourselves, are doing what we can to support our troops. I am sure that we will see another influx of members and items in the weeks to come. Here is a link to the article, I hope you take the time to read it and share with all your friends...

That's all for now - I have to get back to my lapghan. Happy stitching everyone and thank you for all you do!

Amy Founder

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