It's Been Fun While It Lasted

I have done all I can in order to keep alive and running. I am sorry to say that we will be going on hiatus until further notice due to lack of shipping funds to get out our backlog of items. Please do not send any more items until further…Read More

The Sad but Simple Truth

Members: It is with a heavy heart that I write this bulletin today. The sad but simple truth of the matter is that we are discussing halting operations until the economy turns around. We have so many members who send in items that we can't…Read More

Almost There! Members: Through the help of a few members, we have raised enough funds to get half of our backlog out. The total raised last month was almost $200 - sent in by six very generous people - but we still have at least that much currently on…Read More

Critical Need - Shipping Funds

My garage is loaded with item donations and more are coming in daily - our shipping account is depleted and from our last push, we only received $50 total. If we are not able to get a better influx of shipping donations, then we will have to put a halt to…Read More

Shipping Funds ASAP

Hi everyone. You know that I don't like the fund-raising part of charity work - it makes me uncomfortable - but I have no other option. We have no money left for shipping and currently there are 15 boxes in our garage. Over the past year, my family has used…Read More

Critical Need - Shipping Funds Donations

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! I had expected a slight increase in item donations because of the recent article on but nothing like this ~ our inventory is doubling daily from all the new members who have contacted us via email and…Read More

Updated Bulletin ~ Shipping donations, new patterns and world wide recognition!

I am resending the latest update because it seems that the system had a hiccup the first time! I have added a few new links to some great patterns - lapghans and amputee covers - both here and on my personal Facebook page. Currently, we are in desperate need…Read More
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