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FUNDRAISING for 2009 Balkans Peace Park Summer Program

Hello Balkans Peace Park supporters!

our Online Facebook Fundraising Campaign needs your help.
we are $15,000 Euro shy of our goal, and we have just 10 weeks before the program starts!

please go to

and use the pay pal link, or mail a check. (cause we are a UK based non-profit, and facebook only currently allows US and Canada non-profits, we have to do it this way.)

in the Memo please note you are donating from Facebook!

we have 25,000 Euro so far, and we need 15,000 more euro, help us meet that goal, by donating today, and by emailing this link, and the Facebook Cause and Group for the Balkans Peace Park to your family, friends and colleagues.

After donating, please come back here and let us all know you made a contribution, that you sent the email to a certain number of people, or whatever you did to help promote this cause and our fundraising effort for the 2009 Summer Programme.

With a small amount of time, and donations from a large group of people, we will again be able to bring a powerful cross cultural program that positively impacts the lives of young students within the Balkans Peace Park. Donate TODAY!!!


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