Protect your right to know about pesticide being sprayed near your home

The Legislature will soon consider Majority Report LD 1547 – a report that would weaken Maine’s Pesticide Notification Registry and roll back the current law that protects our right to know when pesticides are being sprayed within a quarter mile of our…Read More

S.O.S - Send Off Our Senators

~~ Rally for clean air, clean jobs and clean energy ~~ Our Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins will be heading back to Washington, D.C. soon. We hope you'll join us for a send-off rally to wish them well and ask them to support the pending clean…Read More

5th Annual Legislative Breakfast

You’re Invited… …to clean up Maine rivers …to prevent exposure to dangerous chemicals …to build greener energy and transportationsystems …to create a legacy for today and future generations Maine’s Environmental Priorities Coalition represents over 100,000…Read More
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