To provide a lifetime care facilty for horses and dogs to live out their lives in peace.

We have rescued and provided a permanent home to over 150 horses over the past 10 years. We are currently home to 43 horses and 21 dogs. We do programs for kids at risk and mentally challenged adults. We believe that healing horses, heals humans. Adoptable dogs are adopted into qualified forever homes.Horses remain at our facility for their remaining years. Unadoptable dogs also remain here . We use all the animals that live at Blue Horse in therapeutic programs. We need your help to continue our work, providing homes for our beautiful four legged friends. Help us be their voice. Healing Horses, Heals Humans.

1. www.bluehorsemukwa.org

2. Healing horses, Heals humans

3. To provide quality care for horses and dogs and to educate people on the humane treatment of all animals.

4. Helping horses and dogs that have been cast away by our society

5. To educate people on the humane treatment of all animals