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Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2014 (OCTA 2014) - Initiative Petition #22 for the Oregon General Election of November 4, 2014


Supersedes existing laws governing cannabis (marijuana); creates commission to regulate cultivation, processing, sale of cannabis

Result of a "Yes" Vote : "Yes" vote overrides most existing laws relating to cannabis, except medical marijuana; creates commission to regulate production, processing, sale of cannabis, contract with cannabis retailers.

Result of a "No" Vote: "No" vote retains laws classifying cannabis as a controlled substance; prohibiting most sale, possession, manufacture of cannabis; permitting production, possession of cannabis for medical use.

Summary: Currently, cultivation, possession, sale of cannabis are unlawful, excepting regulated production, possession, use of medical marijuana. Measure supersedes state, local laws relating to cannabis (marijuana), except medical marijuana and driving under the influence laws. Prohibits regulation of “hemp” (defined). Creates commission to license cannabis cultivation, processing by qualified persons; commission sets price, purchases entire crop. Commission sells cannabis at cost to pharmacies, medical research facilities; for profit at set retail price to qualified adults. Licensed retailers receive 15 percent of gross sales. Proceeds fund commission, Attorney General’s enforcement of measure’s criminal provisions. Ninety percent of profit goes to state general fund, remainder as designated. Attorney General must “vigorously defend” measure, any person prosecuted for licensed activities, propose federal/international law consistent with measure. Other provisions.

Mail Petitions to: OCTA Campaign Headquarters 2712 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, Oregon 97232

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