Annual Meniere's Calendar 2013 photo contest

The Annual Meniere's Resources, Inc. calendar photography contest began September 15 and will run until October 15, 2012. There are twelve categories this year. Each photo will be judged on creativity and artistic expression and how the artist can relate the…Read More

Fall l2011 Newsletter - thanks for reading!

Katie Leclerc supports Meniere's Awareness

Katie Leclerc, star of ABC Family's "Switched at Birth" has Meniere's Disease. She speaks out in support of Meniere's Resources. Watch here:

Meniere's Awareness Through Art

Check out what high school students and one artist are doing to help spread awareness about Meniere's Disease.

Meniere's Disease

2012 Meniere's Calendars on sale now!

Go to: This calendar is very special! All the photography and poetry was created by someone with Meniere's or has a friend or relative with Meniere's. It is a 11"x8.5" spiral bound with…Read More

Public Service Announcement for Meniere's Resources

Katie Leclerc, star of ABC Family Network's "Switched at Birth" has Meniere's Disease. She has filmed several public service announcements to help people become aware of this debilitating inner ear disease. Please…Read More
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