RAWI - Egypt's Heritage Review - Issue 1

Dear all, I would like to introduce to you the first issue of RAWI-Egypt's Heritage Review - a quarterly bilingual magazine on Egypt's history and heritage. You can find RAWI in all major bookstores and news stands in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt's Heritage…Read More

Cairo Heritage on OTV

Our parent group will be featured on OTV tonight at 7:00pm. Try to watch it if you can, we'll show pictures from the group, talk about heritage issues in Egypt, how to raise awareness and much more!

Let's be practical

What can we do, as concerned citizens, to protect Egypt's heritage? A Board topic discussion has been opened at the Cairo Heritage group. If interested and want to share ideas then the place to do it is…Read More


Do check it out....

Cairo Heritage

Cairo Heritage is a facebook group Lively discussions about what can be done o preserve old buildings is continuous. If not already a member Then Please Join http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2325154323

The cause blog has been launched

Surprised by the run away success of this cause. We reached 200 members in 10 days or so we decided to launch a blog too. please visit http://1900bp.blogspot.com

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