We will stop the killing! Whaledefenders are defending the whales in the Sanctuary, please invite your friends and support Sea Shepherd!

Save whales! Not whaling!
Please add me and help me build a chain of compassionate whaledefenders around the globe!
Commercial whaling might be back at the next small IWC meeting ...
Lets all help Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society save the whales! Please help us! Support Sea Shepherd! We want to stop the killing of whales for good! We dont want commercial whaling back! Donate to the cause if you want to support the only organisation that is realy defending whales!
SSCS would need more money to stop the killing completely! More ships would make it impossible to kill whales...

Please sign the petition To Boycott JAPAN! And invite your friends!


Join GREEDPEACE and help me spread the truth about GREENPEACE!

Thank you for making a difference!

Together we can stop the killing!

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