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Help AXiS Reach Monthly Goal

Hey AXiS supporters!

Thank you so much for joining the AXiS Cause. It has been so cool to see the support that has happened so quickly by all of you joining.

Would you be willing to help us accomplish our monthly goal of sponsoring a school, church, or college group with a small budget? We want to be able to visit groups of students who can't afford to have us. This is where we need your help.

Would you consider giving a monthly $5 gift to help AXiS accomplish these monthly goals? Or, would you be willing to give a one time $5 gift? All we need is 51 of our 237 Cause members to donate $5 a piece to get half way to our $750 monthly goal. $5 is less than what it would cost you to get a #1 meal at Chickfila or a Chipotle burrito. You can really make a difference with $5.

If you can't give $5 right now, would you be willing to recruit 5 people to our cause in the next 17 days?

Thanks for supporting AXiS! You might want to consider joining the AXiS page (search AXiS on facebook) to hear AXiS updates and stay up-to-date on where AXiS is traveling.

Happy Thursday!


The AXiS Cause

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