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Post Surgery 2/28.2009

We are now almost 2 days removed from the surgery and everything is going GREAT!! Not my words, but the doctors. Each dr. that comes in has nothing but positives to say and seem to think she will not have any problems from this point on.

Kaitlyn has experienced moderate swelling above the left eye but nothing like the drs expected and that is a relief. Things would be difficult if her eyes had been swollen shut as the Drs. had expected (prayers answered...of course!). Her incision behind the hair line is already beginning to heal and some of the dissolvable stitches are ALREADY gone..TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

The MRI after the surgery was good and the Drs. feel the surgery went well and the signs are good. We will hopefully find out in a week or two the results of the tissue tests. Pray for a DHET...not growing and benign.

She has been removed from ALL monitoring except for one IV drip of saline to keep her hydrated. She is receiving two medicatiions, with one of them being the Keppra which she was already taking. NO pain meds since last night around 6 pm...THAT IS GREAT!!!

Kaitlyn is up and moving around a little. She really only gets up to go use the facilities and I suppose we should get her up and moving around to get the blood pumping, but until I am told to make that happen, I will let her rest and relax...NO RUSH here...lots of time to move forward. She is awake more than she is asleep and is interacting with the staff and visitors, although in a reserved way...not too wild, just talking. She ate a full meal last night and is drinking well.

She even gave a little of that Kaitlyn "SPIRIT" (those that know her well, know EXACTLY what I mean!) at midnight when the nurses came in to give some meds she DID NOT WANT TO TAKE! It took me 20 minutes to convince and them having to leave the room to get the medicine down....


Good to see you still have that spirit! One of my BIG worries...would all of that seems not. GOOD!!!

If all treatments and opinions stay the same, Kaitlyn will go home on Sunday afternoon!! Can you believe that...brain surgery and going home in 4 days...praise the LORD!! It will be good to bring her home.

Please continue to pray for her recovery and good news from the tests. Praise GOD for all that has transpired over the last couple of days!

As always, thank YOU! for your prayers and concern for Kaitlyn and the family. Thank you for caring.


We ALL love YOU!


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