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Sunday March 1, 2009

We are GOING HOME TODAY!! YEAH!!! And Kaitlyn is ready. Well, when she wakes up, she will be ready.

She is doing great and seems to have very little ongoing problems on any front. The Physical Therapist took her for a walk yesterday evening and had her complete some basic motorskill functions. They went very well. The only issue to report is Kaitlyn seemed to have a little trouble with stairs so the Therapist stated we should work those with her and it should get much better over a couple of days of practice.

I have noticed when she is to hear her sing...she is jumbling the words a bit or they come across a bit slurry. I do not see it as a problem but I will monitor.

VERY excited that she gets to go home today. Brain surgery and home in less than 4 fulls modern medicine not amazing...THANK GOD for that blessing.

Please continue to pray for her recovery, and if it servers you...send up a THANKSGIVING prayer thanking GOD for blessing Kaitlyn with a great doctor, hospital, hospital staff, surgery and a speedy recovery.

As always, thank YOU for caring.


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