Thursday March 5, 2009

We are now 7 days, 1 week removed from the surgery and things are going GREAT. Kaitlyn is showing no signs of problems with the operation and we are 5 days from getting the results of the tests. The ITCHING has begun and that is making miserable, but we can…Read More

Sunday March 1, 2009

We are GOING HOME TODAY!! YEAH!!! And Kaitlyn is ready. Well, when she wakes up, she will be ready. She is doing great and seems to have very little ongoing problems on any front. The Physical Therapist took her for a walk yesterday evening and had her…Read More

Post Surgery 2/28.2009

We are now almost 2 days removed from the surgery and everything is going GREAT!! Not my words, but the doctors. Each dr. that comes in has nothing but positives to say and seem to think she will not have any problems from this point on. Kaitlyn has…Read More

Todays Surgery.

Where to begin.... The surgery took 6 and a half hours today to complete. We arrived at Vanderbilt at 5:30 am, they took her back at 7:30am and began actual cutting at 9:30am. That was a long day for her. Kaitlyn came through the surgery just fine. Had a…Read More


Kaitlyn's surgery will be on Thursday at 7:30am. We take her to Vanderbilt on Wed for a MRI and then the surgery at 5:30 am. I ask that everyone please think of her at those times as she is scared and getting really nervous. THANK YOU for all of your…Read More

Doctors Appointment on the 18th

Kaitlyn went to the Neurosurgeon today, the 18th. We feel that the information received from the Dr was very positive. While Kaitlyn will have to have surgery to remove a large portion of the mass (about 80% based on the Drs. estimation) it will not have the…Read More

Thank You

Kaitlyn, Sherri and I and the rest of our family would like to thank each of you for joining this cause and supporting Kaitlyn with prayers, thoughts and well-wishes. I hope that each one of you who are not presently listed as a "friend" on Sherri's or…Read More
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