Bee Squad for Veterans Charities

Please take moment & visit Bee Squad for Veterans' Charities Facebook Page. (I am Board Member) have partnered with worthy charities to help fellow veterans & families. We have sponsered local bar crawl Southside this year April, paintball tournament…Read More

Oorah 3/25

Hello. I hope this finds you all well. We get the added honor of the Marine Corps' Birthday and Veteran's Day one after another. I say added honor because we celebrate the lives of our Fallen, injured and their families every day; our brothers that earned…Read More

May 7th

My K-Bar unit was resting at Haditha Dam after Operating River Sweep 1. It went off road (my vehicle) and the wheel came off and was fixed only due to the awesomeness of the SSGT Joe Goodrich. I saw HM2(FMF) Wiener in the halls and after the briefest of…Read More

end of April, hard memories for 3/25

so I will post the linear comment of rest in peace Corporal Joseph S. Tremblay, KIA April 27 2005. But I will also post dynamic thoughts that Joe was a funny guy, and assimulated easy and quick into our Kilo unit. Joe, you shouldn't have been on that road,…Read More

Mourning on April 13th, 2005 on FOB Hit

We lost Corporal Michael B. Lindemuth, KIA April 13, 2005 on FOB Hit from a mortar strike. Mortars and rockets are so random, and in April FOB Hit took incoming 27 out of 30 days, most of those multiple times a day. We lost Mike this day when the incoming was…Read More

3/25 on 3/25

Today, 6 years ago, we lost CPL Bryan Richardson. Maybe it was an omen for things to come that he was lost on 3/25. We will associate this date and other dates of losses with sorrow; but may we all find solace one day by celebrating the good memories of our…Read More

Hello all. Let me start with the reported news (some may know more) that 3/25 has wrapped up their operations in Afghanistan and will be returning home very soon. We are all very proud. And our hearts and memories go out to the family and friends of LCPL…Read More
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