Please join other alumni in attending a reception honoring Dean Will Norton on the occasion of the opening of the School of Journalism and New Media. Activities will be held in the Overby Center at 3 p.m. on Monday, September 21. If you are unable to attend,…Read More

WE'RE GROWING! Now join the Ole Miss Journalism Alumni GROUP

This allows us to post photos and do a lot more interaction. To those on this Cause, please go see the group as well. Follow this link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=49183434483 Thanks much, Bob / OMJA


B U L L E T I N Breaking news from Ed Meek "Good news on campus, the School of Journalism and New Media will open in July with a degree in Liberal Arts and soon to add a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Ole Miss is going to continue its history…Read More

Monitor the DM

There's a new link to the Daily Mississippian posted below, or at least the DM Blog. The server seems to be messed up. Drop by and see how you think things are going at what was, for many of us, our first newspaper.

New Discussion

See the new topic on the Discussion Board below: REMEMBERING GALE DENLEY -- 1936-2008


For the longest time, I was the lone (and lonesome) member of Ole Miss Journalism Alumni. I was delighted today to log in and see I had 11 companions. So thanks for joining and thanks for helping to get the word out. There's plenty to talk about. And…Read More

Let's Get It Started

Hello, UM journalism alumni. This our Cause, and it is for Ole Miss alumni who earned their degrees in journalism. Jump on in and let's get the discussion(s) started. Become Rebels with a Cause.
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