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Wake Up To Rare Disease It Could Happen In Your Family Support RaredIseases Day Ireland

This is a call to action for every single person who cares about children with rare diseases, it is also a call for people who have a disability and feel that they are not being heard, Raredisease Day is a platform for patients, families and carers to come together to talk and listen to other peoples experiences in the fight against Rarediseases and Disabiltys caused by Rarediseases.It is also a Call for action to the Northern Ireland Assembly that we are people and we are out here, we count in society and not people to forget about. We need help and support in many ways to take part in a meaningful life we want and expect to be included in all walks of life from employment, sport,and health care,due to cut backs being introduced in Northern Ireland we will see less health care for people who really need it we will see cutbacks in the living standards of ablebodied people and we will see even more cut backs being made to groups that already are finding it hard to cope like Families travelling to and from hospital who need treatment, families with children who have rare diseases and have to travel hundreds of miles for treatment without any help, we must show support for raredisease day Ireland and to forge links with people all over Northern Ireland,to stand up for the the patients,families and carers who cannot fight this on their own. We call on you for action you can help us make this change by people power,we must move ministers to change direction and support the health service instead of trying to bring it down .Northern Ireland is already 40years behind the United Kindom in health care and hospital building plans,we are also behind in treatment and patient care we need to act and act now to stop this chipping away at our health service, instead of reducing funding we should be increaseing funding to help us diagnose some of the rare diseases that are effecting our children daily,our doctors are failing to make early diagnoses due to lack of funding. RAREDISEASE DAY 28th FEBRUARY 2011 AT St MARKS CHURCH HEYN HALL Need every single person there who cares about Rare Diseases, Disibilty, And Funding For The Health Service This Is A Call To Action From Raredisease Ireland.

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