Dine4Diabetes 2017

May I urge you to come and join us. Whilst contributing to a very just cause, you are guaranteed a fantastic evening. See below for full details.

Don't let pricks let you down!

In full support of a cause very close to my heart for which I shall continue to work towards more awareness till the day I die.

News update

I normally take such news with a pinch of salt, but this really makes interesting reading. https://jerseydemic.com/whole-world-celebrating-news-diabetes-vaccine-officially-revealed/ Just click on the link to read the article

Recommended Book

Balance between Insulin intake, exercise and food is the key to healthy living. We highly recommend strict control on your food intake whilst enjoying the pleasures of eating well. If you haven't already acquired a copy of the following…Read More


Although it is not the purpose of this page to extend greetings (World Diabetes Day is an exception), I thought it fit this year to wish all Diabetics, especially the Juveniles but also those young at heart, all the love in the world, whether they have…Read More

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