Falk tells why Israel stonewalls Gaza probe

UN investigator Richard Falk says Israel refuses to cooperate with a Gaza war crimes probe because it knows deep down that it made serious human rights violations. The Israeli government has announced that it will not cooperate with a UN investigation into…Read More

Free Palestine

My dear brothers and sisters thank you all for lending your support to the Palestinian cause. And those of you who are proceeding to carry on educating and raising awareness amongst the ordinary members of public’ we solute you. Please do not give up now’…Read More

Many Thanks

Many thanks to you for showing your support for a people who have are under siege and have been tormented for over 60 years in their own country by an occupying power. Over 11000 have been imprisoned and remain behind bars for speaking out against the…Read More

Boycott ALL Israeli products

Right everybody if you really want to start making a difference invite as many people to the cause as possible. Also please note from now on any product that you purchase if the barcodes last 3 digits end with the number 729 try to get an alternative and…Read More
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