Create educational opportunties for children from under-privileged families

Child Literacy is a not-for-profit organization that works to promote educational opportunities for children in the age group 6-18. A significantly high proportion of our projects are in developing countries, primarily in Asia.

1. We have enrolled over 5000 children into existing schools in India over last 2 years.
2. We have set up 1 library in Ecuador.
3. We have built 1 school in India.
4. We have designed and are implementing upon an after-school program for children in New York.

1. Build a new library in 2009-10 in India

2. Build a new library in 2009-10 in Latin America

3. Put an additional 5000 children into schools in India in 2009-11

4. Build 2 new schools in 2009-11 in India