More detailed info on Charity BBQ

The date is Saturday July 5th for the awareness day/Charity BBQ (will raise money for worthy charity in Alex's name). The time is 10-3pm at the Bayfield mall parking lot. The location is where the old Color Your World was, beside Apple Bee's. We will be…Read More

Important Dates related to Alex

Funeral Mass St Mary's Church Sat. June 28th 10am BBQ in Bayfield Mall parking lot - Saturday, July 5th 2008 Tree Planting Memorial - Sunday, July 6th 2008

Remains found near pathway identified as missing Barrie woman

Bones belong to Alexandra Flanagan: police The bones found on a pedestrian pathway Feb. 3 near Johnson's Beach have been identified as belonging to Alexandra Flanagan. The 33-year-old Barrie woman was reported missing on July 9. Part of her remains were…Read More

Vigil for 3 Month Anniversary of When Alexandra Flanagan went Missing

It will be the 3 month anniversary of the day our dear friend Alexandra Flanagan went missing on Monday, October the 8th. Please meet us at Sunnidale Park in Barrie, at the playground at 12 pm to hold a vigil for her, to let the world know we are still…Read More
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