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The Lakewood 4... And THANK YOU.

Please join me in mourning the violent deaths of 4 Lakewood Police officer's the other day and in the celebration for the lives they lived. Though they were not EMS workers, they spilled the same blood in the same mud everyday, right next to us. It is important that we all come together in a time of such a senseless tragedy against four of our own. Please take a moment to pray for the fallen and let this horrific act of violence be a lesson learned to all of us that work the streets, weather it be in an ambulance, fire truck or police car to stay alert and come home alive to our loved ones.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of god, Matthew 5:9

Thank you again to you all for being a part of this great cause - your service - or support of the service EMS provides is not taken lightly and is appreciated by many.

-John Bacigalupo, EMT-A, NPEMS

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