Fight to end the heartache and pain caused by losing someone to such a pointless and completely preventable act

It is always a shame when those we deeply care about are taken from us prematurely. And it is an absolute tragedy when it could have been prevented.

Drunk driving is an utterly senseless act that causes fatal injuries and even death. However, its horrors can be completely prevented if the correct measures are taken. Please, think before you act and don't be selfish. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated has the potential to harm many people that you may not even know. Throw your stubborn ego aside and get a ride. And always remember the motto, “friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”

Follow these simple measures and you can leave the bar with a clear conscious. Preventing a potential tragedy that would have affected scores of people, possibly even your own family or friends, is like a weight being lifted from your chest. And the innocent drivers on the road will thank you for your concern because each year thousands of people are killed by drunk driving.

Don't let it be you or a loved one. Be aware and take a stand.

This group is made in honor of Jason Shein, an amazing person with a promising future who had his life stolen by a worthless drunk driver. He wasn't given the chance to experience life to its fullest extent, but we will. So now, in his memory and that of others who have also been a victim of drunk driving, we will work tirelessly to increase awareness and to prevent another tragedy.

Jay, you made an enormously wonderful impact on us. We will always love you and know in our hearts that you will be with all of us in all that we do for the rest of our lives. Rest In Peace ♥

Please pass this to all you care about to raise awareness and stop the pain caused by drunk driving! Also, please be active in the group! Upload pictures, share stories, start discussions! Anything you do can help make a difference!

1. Be Responsible-Find a ride for yourself or someone else who isn't in a safe position to drive