Thank you!

our group here was "re-actively" created to address a very severe situation and i know for sure - had achieved unheard-of miracles! At least for me - after years of reading and using the Zohar - it reinforced me many times more of its power beyond…Read More

We do not stop here!

Next we MUST prevent the next potential bloodshed by proactive actions! There are still millions of children and their innocent families, brothers, sisters moms of the unfortunate victims are still in danger. Still need all the love and support we can give…Read More

winning war through zohar, love, prayers and meditaions!

GOT TO LOVE IT WHEN ZOHAR WORKS! got to love it when world-round ring of love, meditations and prayers create the miracle of stopping a ruthless war in such miraculous way! I am 100% confident the war stopped like that ONLY due to the Zohars distributed…Read More
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