Parental Abductions

We need your support in helping us raise awareness to the following.. Ken Thompson, is the father Andrew John Thompson a 5yr old child who has been abducted by his mother and taken from his home in Australia. Andrew and his mother flew from Sydney to Germany…Read More

Missing Child - Andrew John Thompson

Andrew John THOMPSON was abducted from Australia by his mother in April 2008 when he was 3.5 years old. He has since disappeared without trace. A Facebook Cause has been established for him at A website has been…Read More

Please check out our videos

Hi Everyone, hope 2009 is being kind to you so far. We've updated the parental abdcution links of the media link on the Cause, please do watch and pass on. We have just had a recovery in direct result of one of our You Tube Video's, they are a vital tool in…Read More
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