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Put your name on the line to save children’s lives

The United States Fund for UNICEF is gathering signatures for a new petition, "Put your name on the line to save children’s lives." We are trying to gather 25,000 signatures by February 01, 2009. The petition will be delivered to President-elect Obama to urge immediate action on this issue.

You can help and it only takes 2 minutes. Just follow the link below to sign the petition and your voice, combined with many others, will make a difference on this issue. We need you to stand up and make your voice heard – this issue is too important not too!

Click here: View Petition (

Thank you for your time and action,
United States Fund for UNICEF

P.S. Apologies to those who received this email earlier. The petition is now live and ready for you to sign. Help us get the word out. Millions of children's lives are at stake. Tell your friends!

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