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Dear members,

Now as u may know, Israel have declared a unilateral cease-fire starting from yesterday which supposedly shall stop all militarily operations in Gaza strip..

Now Israel, after brushing aside the UN alongside the whole world, declares unilateral cease-fire. In other words, the show is over, just in time for the Israeli election and Obama's Inauguration.

But Israel shouldn't get away this easily with its war crimes in Gaza ..

That's why I thought that I should post you all this group :

In the name of Gaza : A World united against Israel’s Genocide in the Middle.

In the Name of Gaza (ING) is an initiative aimed at raising worldwide awareness of the massacres committed by the Israeli regime, ever since it’s conception and official inauguration in 1948.

ING objective and mission is to reveal this lie, to raise awareness of the reality of the conflict, and the tragedy of the Palestinian people.

Please join the group and become a part of this campaign of putting Justice back in place.

Thank you,

Brachsa Legora

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