Found this one

Hey guys, I was playing around on and came across this video, it was pretty hillarious. I would like to find the guy who made this. Just copy, paste and brace yourself.....

Now the alternative...

Alright guys, I love the stories. They make me realize that I might not have it as bad as I think (yet). And those with the stories, my heart goes out to you. So here is another suggestion, what is your most memorable call? What really made you walk around…Read More


Great job guys, I can see we have went all over the country. Your stories crack me up. Quick question, does anyone know how hefty the punishment for 911 abuse in thier area?

I must be doing something right....

So I posted an email from a lady and you guys gave me really good responces. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who joins, all you share my not hatred, but pure frustrations for people who abuse 911. And for all those who share stories online, Thank…Read More

An email I just recieved.....

I just recieved this email from someone that I don't know, thought I would share it with you. I am not going to include her name, maybe you guys can suggest what I should write back.... "thank gosh you aren't in my area complaining!!! I would definatly turn…Read More


I just checked it tonight, I found out that we have over 947 members. That is great, when I started it, I didn't think anyone would really join. Sounds like there are people out there that are just as adament as me about ambulance abuse. Thank you, Thank you,…Read More

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for joining, well, with New Years eve, I am pretty sure that you all ran some lame calls. Post them, would love to hear about it.
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