This was started as a site to either A) share funny stories about calls that you ran. Or, B) vent about the people who really take advantage of the fact that they pay your salary

I started this to bring to light the epidemic sweeping the country. It involves people calling 911 for no BS reasons. This is us medics taking a stand against the frequent flyers out there, calling 911 for abdomen pain at 2 in the morning. The mother that calls 911 for their kid running a fever of 99.1 for 2 days but never giving them tylenol. For the person that thinks that if someone has vomitted once and wants to go to the ER, then 911 will get them into the back then get mad when the triage nurse sticks you in the waiting room. You have been evaluated by three people with experience in medicine. Don't come out front to the ambulance bay and whine to me.

1. We would like to bring attention to the fact that we don't do this for the money. But after our BS limit is reached, we will snap.

2. You draw Medicaid, Welfare and get food stamps, you don't pay taxes, so in turn you don't pay my salary.

3. Riding an ambulance doesnt get you in the ER faster, it gets you to the ER in the same amount of time and cost you 500 times more.