I will personally be a catalyst in the engagement of one unblessed people group in the span of my lifetime and spur others on to have the same passion.

TEOTE! is a grassroots gathering among God’s people into a missional force that has a global vision and an entrepreneurial heart. This isn't something you join just because you got invited. It's a cause that's already been stirring in you and this simply put words to it...

It's a journey that started when you prayed, "Lord, what do you require of me?"

Maybe you've been wrestling with the question, "What do I truly desire to see accomplished in my lifetime?" A nice house, 2 kids, your dream car, a good paying job doing something you love, a soulmate? Does the Lord really want us to work hard so we can retire early, enjoy our family, move to Florida, and walk the beaches in the morning collecting shells?

But we know that the Lord is calling for repentance in our hearts for our apathy towards what he has commanded? He desires that we change our minds and follow him with our whole hearts and leave this world and all it has to offer behind. And to engage people groups who are without Christ to go and to serve for his name sake.

So, we're asking the Lord to give us 50 more years that we can invest towards the fulfillment of what He has commanded us?

Father, we ask for this generation to be yours and to accomplish your will here on the earth. As it says in Acts 13:47, "For so the Lord has commanded us, saying, 'I have made you a light for the Gentiles,that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.'" May that be the tagline of this generation.

The letters in TEOTE! stand for “the ends of the earth”. We have a burden for those people groups which have no physical, dynamic, practical Christian witness among their people. Not for the purpose of conversion but for the purpose of serving and being Christ among them.

1. I will make intentional decisions about my career, marriage, training and focus

2. I will intentionally resonate, incarnate, imitate and duplicate Christ

3. I will intentionally pray regularly for other cause members and those who are least reached

4. I will intentionally focus my efforts on a people group that is currently unengaged

5. I will intentionally seek out organizations and individuals who will equip me to live out this TEOTE! vision