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Bella Swan

Hello, my name is Bella Swan and I would like to tell you mystory. I had been cold, alone, hungry and suffering for quite sometimenow. A very nice man pulled up next to me on the road I was traveling andtold me he was going to take me to a place where the doggies who are lostgo. It is called a Animal Shelter, and t...hey gave me a blanket, some foodand water, and a roof over my head so I could rest. Although, this was amiracle for me, the nice people at the Shelter wanted to find a place forme to heal. They called a nice lady who is now my new "fostermommy". She came to see me yesterday at the Animal Shelter, and with tearsin her eyes told me I would suffer no more. Even though her house is veryfull w/ other lost doggies, she promised to make room for me. I was sonervous and scared as she loaded me into a blanket and told me we were going tothe doctor. I was quiet and still as a mouse on the way and when wearrived at the doctors office. The doctor was so very nice to me andgave me lots of yummy things before she started touching me. She was verycareful when she did touch me, I guess she knows my skin is very painful to thetouch. Turns out I have demodex mange, and so much infection my lymphnodes are like marbles. I am very young though, and the doctorsays I will feel better and look beautiful in no time at all! Withthat and lots of medicine my new mom loaded me up and told me we weregoing home. I was more exited now, I was finally going to have a home. To show my mom how much I appreciated her I crawled out of my blanket inthe car and sat right next to her and put my head on her shoulder, I think shereally liked that because I got a cuddle and a kiss. When we got home I was very exited to see I was going to have somany brothers and sisters, toys and food, and the very best doggie bedsEVERYWHERE! I love dog beds, and tried each and everyone of them. Igreeted all my new siblings, but they are a little afraid of me right nowbecause I look and smell a little different. Mom says she willget me a new Christmas sweater to keep me warm since most of my real coat ismissing, so maybe the doggies will like me then! My new mom took me potty, fed me, gave me my medicine withlots of cheese, and tucked me in a bed full of blankets. I really think Imight be in heaven!!! And now for my Christmas wish! I am so thankful for my newmom and my new future, I want to make sure that my needs don't take away fromany of the other "foster doggies" and other animals at the Animal Shelterwaiting for rescue! If you could donate to my new rescue for mycare it would make me so happy! I want them to always be able to continue all the wonderful things they do for me and my animal friends.Please if you could donate in my name go to and there is a place to do so! Also,please share my story and pictures attached with your friends to make myChristmas wish come true! Thanks so much! Love and kisses, Bella Swan

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