Help protect Human Service Funding in King County

Greetings: The King County Executive proposed a 2010 budget that would drastically reduce funding for human services. The King County Alliance for Human Services has been leading advocacy efforts to restore this funding and we need your help! The Alliance…Read More

Invest in People First in King County

Greetings: You are receiving this note because you are a supporter of one of the Facebook Causes affiliated with Solid Ground. Human Service funding in King County is under a grave threat. The County Executive has proposed removing all human service funding…Read More

Senators: VOTE YES for the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Go to this link to send a message to Sen. Cantwell today!: In a marathon session that ended before dawn Friday June 25, a bipartisan committee of House and Senate members…Read More

Poverty Action's 2010 Leadership Awards Garden Party

Please join Poverty Action at our annual party as we celebrate our successes and honor members, community leaders and lawmakers who are making a difference in anti-poverty work. See details at the facebook event page:…Read More

Thank your lawmakers for the new payday lending law!

Washington's new law to protect payday loan consumers will go into effect January 1, 2010. The new law will help stop the cycle of high-cost, long-term debt by giving borrowers more options and time to repay their loans. Click the link below to thank your…Read More

Can you afford $35 this payday?

As you know, this session Poverty Action led the successful effort to pass protections against predatory payday loans and their 400% interest rates. Now borrowers will have more time so they can successfully pay off their loans. This new law is expected to…Read More

Victory: Payday Lending bill is signed by the Governor!

Congratulations! HB 1709 was signed into law on Friday, May 15th. The new law will go into affect on January 1, 2010. A national expert on payday lending estimated that is new law could save Washington consumers $100 million a year! After four long years of…Read More
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