Thanks!! --- La hicimos!!!

THANKS!!! Thanks & Gracias to all. We made it! "Winners of the Ideas for Change in America Competition After 656,991 votes for 7,847 ideas, we present the top 10 ideas for change (in no particular order): Pass the DREAM Act - Support Higher Education…Read More

36 hours and countin--- quedan 36 horas

Bad news... but not sooooo bad: The DREAM Act is now in 10th place, some 300 votes behind "Get FISA Right, repeal the PATRIOT Act, and restore our civil liberties". Good news: DREAM is over 2,000 votes ahead of idea #11, "Develop & Implement a National…Read More

48 hours left -- quedan 48 horas

Hi everybody!! it is my pleasure to let you know that some 48 hours before the end of the vote in, one immigration issue has risen to the 9th place, which it would make it qualify to be presented to Obama's administration. It's the DREAM Act…Read More

Vote Again!

Dear friends: I changed the name of this cause to “Vote to Include Immigration Issues on”. We “lost” the “Stop the Raids” idea in the first voting round, because we only got 780 or so votes. I thank all of you for your interest and efforts to…Read More

Thanks to all

Thanks everybody, for joining the Cause and adding some votes on We duplicated the votes to Stop the Raids in about 24 hours. Unfortunately, the ALIPAC's got away with over 1300 votes for "Enforce our Immigration Laws". If anybody has good ideas…Read More

update--- we still short of votes

Hasta ahora, 3:15 p.m. hora de Chicago, “Alto a las Redadas” tiene 618 votos, y “Apliquemos Nuestras Leyes” tiene 1243. Vayan a la página de Internet y voten AHORA MISMO. Supuestamente, las ideas más…Read More
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