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A Special Season of Support

As the Holiday season approaches, I am happy to have this opportunity to thank all of you, including all of the Staten Island elected officials, who have helped make Lavelle Prep a reality and to create a beacon of hope nationally for kids living with emotional challenges and for their families.
We are making definite progress, and we are still greatly in need of your help.

If we don’t raise money, the future success of Lavelle Prep, and more importantly, the children it serves, could be at risk. Many of them have no other options. Many Lavelle Prep students are living with emotional challenges. They are among the most vulnerable and victimized of Americans. Faced with intolerance from peers, discouragement from faculty and general social stigma, it is not surprising that nearly 50 percent of these often extremely talented and capable young people, lost in the vacuum of the current public education system, drop out of school. This is the highest dropout rate of any disability group. Despite the fact that nearly 80 percent will recover, their lack of real education will remain a handicap. For these young people, their future prospects are grim. The good news is the tragedy is preventable. We know the answer is Lavelle Prep. But we can’t do it alone.

Donating to Lavelle Prep is investing in the future of our children and our society. As evidenced by the support Lavelle Prep has already received, we know we have something special. But we need your help to make sure that Lavelle Prep succeeds, that our children thrive, and that the college promise is fulfilled.

While this is the season to give thanks, it is also the season to give. Please be generous in your support, and please think about other ways in which you can be helpful in this effort. I would very much appreciate any amount you can give; it really will make a difference

Thank you in advance for your support of the John W. Lavelle Preparatory Charter School and your support for the college promise. Together we can build a movement to end discrimination in education. Happy Holidays!

Ken Byalin
Cause Admin

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